25 February 2011

Movie Review: Spring Fever 春风沉醉的晚上

Okay. For your information, the English translation of the movie title really really sucks. 春风沉醉的晚上 means Drunken Faggot, Hidden Drag Queen. Just kidding. It means A Night Deeply Drunk on the Spring Breeze. Spring Fever is Lou Ye's newest movie filmed and presented to the public during a five year ban imposed on Lou Ye and shot secretly in Nanjing.

Like Summer Palace, it suffers a "too long" problem. There is one too many subplots and well, the liberal suturing of these subplots together makes its 'almost' nonlinear except that there is a narrative and it is linear. The movie is so saturated in emotion that it's worth watching just to feel uncomfortable at certain points with its hauntingly real emotional presence. The actors just do such a brilliant job together you forget you are watching a movie. Chen Sicheng's character of Luo Haitao (pictured above, right) reminds me of one of the coffee babies. Which one?

I would not watch this is nonlinear/dissociative films are not your thing or you can't give the movie your undivided attention.