28 March 2011

Movie Review: In the Mood for Love

Yes. I admit it. I did not watch this movie when it first came out. What can I say? Not much. In any event, the cinematograph was just splendid as was the sound and music. Of course, the plot could have really been resolved in a short of about 40 minutes (tops). So, what made the movie worth blogging about especially since it finds itself topically in the penumbra of gay movies?

Glad you asked. Yumeji's Theme. Nothing like plunked violin strings for percussion with the lone violin with melody. This song affectively is "in the mood for love". It expresses unrequited love, hope, and even mamihlapinatapai. So, I didn't mind sitting through the whole movie. The cinematography was great and it was a nice harmony to the music.

Of course, it also stars Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, who looks a lot like several of my uncles who were young adults in the 1940s. In fact, I wonder if this movie was picked up by the coffee babies because of him. Or is it because its a Kar Wai Wong movie?


  1. i looooove this movie!

    and i love yumeji's theme as well.

  2. haha it's the latter, for me at least. i fell in love with wong kar wai before tony. ;p

    i also love angkor wat theme. it's what i imagine slow death sounds like.

  3. I just linked to your review on my review of this film. Glad people are still writing about this movie. I think it's perfection.