08 March 2011

Movie Review: Plan B

I don't recall why this ended up in my queue to watch. But there it was. I reviewed the plot summary before I watched it just to refresh myself about what exactly I was going to be watching. The summary stated:
After his girlfriend, Laura (Mercedes Quinteros), dumps him and takes up with handsome charmer Pablo (Lucas Ferraro), Bruno (Manuel Vignau) plots revenge: He tries to come between the new lovers. But his plan -- which entails a growing friendship with Pablo -- soon takes an unexpected turn. Though Laura still goes out with Bruno now and again, his sexuality comes into question in this Argentinean import from first-time director Marco Berger.
Since I'm writing about it, I'm sure you have some idea what that unexpected turn was. I enjoyed the movie, in part because, the whole movie was one long seduction, but the movie ends where its not clear who precisely was seducing whom. As the plot summary implies, Bruno is seducer. But whom is he seducing? Initially it appears he's seducing Pablo, but the novelty of this movie is that Bruno's unconscious homosexuality, which overpowers him like Paul's unconscious Christ complex appearing like before him on the road, appears to be seducing Bruno himself.

Lucas Ferraro, pictured above, plays Pablo and acts in a way that reminded me of Gael Garcia Bernal. I wonder what citybuoy thinks.


  1. Are there torrent files somewhere in the internet for this movie?

  2. victor and citybuoy are the expert pirates. i suspect its somewhere. Marco Berger was the direk.

  3. i'm sad wala na yung pinagkukunan ko ng movies na binigay mo... :(