26 March 2011

Movie Review: Soul Maid

This is another one of these movies that simply crept onto my queue without my full conscious awareness. And that's fine. This movie is one part fairy tale and three parts the odyssey of the mind (the anima-possession appears in the form of a goddess/demoness known as Glitentica). Since I enjoy looking at snippets of the abyss of the psyche.

Its too bad that they didn't get more money. A bigger budget would have really helped. But, it is what it is. A young gay man who suffers from seizures suddenly has religious visions and well, the battle over anima possession begins.

Moses and David

What does Moses hear in his visions and what kingdom is David fated to establish? You'll have to watch to know.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the hunky maid on the cover is not the same body as the actor in the film.