11 April 2011

Movie Review: Boys Life 7

I remember some of the previous Boys Life and, well, it's been a few years. I know that in the 1990s when the first two Boys Life came out, it was just what someone grouping up in the province needed. Yes, full length feature films about same-sex attraction and homosexuality were available. However, because of the capital-intensive nature of full length feature films in the 1980s and 1990s, the subject matters were quite limited (Gregg Araki's Totally F**ked Up and Doomed Generation perhaps being the two exceptions).

However, Boys Life, Boys Life 2, etc., opened up and avenue that is mostly eclipsed by youtube and other content providers of film shorts. Nevertheless, these short films where outside the narrow range of what was high on the return-for-investment and opened my eyes to the power of film in general and also the possibilities of life outside the provincial model and the alternative narrow bland cosmopolitan model presented by mass produced milquetoast films about same-sex attraction.

In Boys Life 7, the first short, "The Young and Evil" is disturbing in the way I imagine classical Tantric masters roamed the mountain kingdoms of the Himalayas overturning Vedic and post-Vedic hierarchy with their talk of divine sex and ritual consumption of bodily fluids. The second short, "Spokane" reminded me very much of undergraduate college years and the unspoken tragedy of sex with a straight-identified guy (in other words, without intimacy).

The third short "First Date" is hilarious because when the 90s occurred, I recall going on a few internet dates with crazy people like this and I identified with the young, overweight Asian guy in the story. It is a dark comedy but hilarious and this in itself is worth watching the entire show. And finally, the last short, is an exemplar of how I recall the Boys Life series, "Raw Love" is the latest commentary on high school unrequited love. If you identified with Tong in first scenes of make-out/sex between Tong and Nathan in Lihim Ni Antonio, you will likely have some kind of affective response to this short. You can see, from the movie poster, that "Raw Love" was the show stealer.

I would definitely watch to get an idea of the kinds of stories today's film makers are creating about a "boys life".

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