23 April 2011

Movie Review: Issues 101

Suffice to say, I had never heard of this movie when it came out. But I am familiar with many gay themed movies that came out in the early 2000s and I'm certain that this movie had to have been shot in the early 1990s with the dress and hairstyles.

Much of the acting was very poor -- very very poor. It was not helped by the poor direction and I suspect by the time it got to the editors they did the best they could. The plot itself had a somewhat interesting flow, but, well, none of the characters developed enough for it to be interesting.

The most interesting line, which came 2/3ds of the way through: "I'm sorry but I'll have to cancel my subscription to your issues." If homoerotic tension, unrequited puppy love and drama are your thing, then you'll enjoy this movie a lot.

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