14 April 2011

Movie Review: Strange Fruit

I did not have an understanding of the phrase "Strange Fruit" until after watching the movie. The movie itself is about a gay lawyer who has left his small Southern town in favor of a New York City. He returns, however, when gay high school friend has been killed lynching style. It's a suspense movie so I won't give any more details which could spoil the movie if you wish to see it.

What I found interesting is that the writers of the film show, in what ways, homophobia and anti-gay violence is similar to xenophobia or anti-Black violence. In other blogs, I have talked about how Southern evangelical ministers in the 1950s used various interpretations of the Bible to condemn racial integration and inter-racial marriages and how those same Biblical passages and interpretations have been moved over to use against LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. This movie does not look at the issue in such a direct political way but challenges the habit of Southern culture which has turned to the gay man as the new Other.

It is too bad that the movie didn't have more money because the story might have been helped a bit by Hollywood levels of funding. It's still a good movie given those constraints.

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