04 June 2011

Movie Review: The Big Gay Musical

This was not exactly the light-hearted comedy I was looking to distract myself with this afternoon. Instead, I got a dose of remembering what it was like to be the only known bakla in my provincial high school. Today, I also happened to come across all these updates about people (some former friends) that I am no longer connected to who have blossomed into very openly gay professional gay activists and community organizers. In the movie, it is a young man who is the supporting lead in the musical that suffers. This musical is all about mocking the cruelty of modern fundamentalist Christian homophobia and heterosexism.

Yet, in the big gay musical of my life, the modern fundamentalist Christian homophobes have been more of a media image that I have only experienced through reports and stories. The cruelty I felt I suffered was at the hands of my fellow young closeted bakla (and perhaps fundamentally, myself, di ba?) who now have prominent openly-gay or gay-centered careers.

The movie was done well and they were able to get the musical parts and the plot weaved together so there was no clashing -- in fact, after a while you almost miss the fact that they show up, back on stage, to sing a tune that's directly related to the plot off-stage. This is not Were the World Mine, but it has some of the same themes. Be prepared if you were the loner, outcast, or ugly girl (thanks, Jewel) if you choose to watch the movie. I wasn't prepared.

Oh, and if that isn't your issue, the movie is full of white American gym bunnies in various states of undress -- on and off stage. This is like the 2010s offering to Trick genre. There is a bit of religious irreverence and critical humor on biblical literalism especially as it has been interpreted regarding homosexuality.

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  1. ay i like this movie.

    crush ko si daniel robinson. hahahah