16 June 2011

Movie Review: Dream Boy

This is not the movie review about that funny romantic comedy starring Papa Piolo. I don't actually recall how this ended up in my queue either but it did. The movie was shot very well, the plot was tightly written and well, it wasn't predictable. It reminded me a bit of my own adolescence. Here's the standard plot summary:
Shortly after his family moves to a backwater Louisiana town, shy teen Nathan makes advances toward his handsome fellow student, Roy, and soon their relationship blossoms into a secret romantic affair. Though constrained by a homophobic community and Nathan's abusive father, things take an unexpected turn when the truth eventually comes out.
This can be a date movie or a snuggle up with your partner kind of movie. But it can also be a bit painful to watch. The tenderness is worth the heart ache.


  1. omg! may movie na yung fave gay book ko. thanks for posting! :)

  2. lol. i didn't realize that but yes, it is based upon the novel.