21 June 2011

Movie Review: Fixing Frank

If you want to watch craziness unfold over the course of two hours, this is a master mind-fuck movie. It's like a low budget version of Inception but the main character is a tortured gay guy as opposed to the son of a billionaire. The plot:
At the urging of his psychologist boyfriend, Jonathan, an investigative reporter Frank sets to work on a expose of Dr. Arthurt Apsey, another psychologist who is known for his controversial work in 'curing' homosexuality. Posing as a gay patient who wants to 'convert,' Frank enlists in a course of treatment --and soon finds that the sessions stir up unsettling questions and doubts about his sexuality and identity.
I think the short of it here, if there's a lesson to be learned, is that unless you know what you're wagering, don't bet the farm. Of course, I personally believe in the reality of the psyche. I think fucking with one own's psyche is pretty serious, but to fuck with another's is really a bad -- and well, really really bad if you're a psychologist and you fuck with your boyfriend's psyche. It's like sleeping with a client. Unless you're a father of psychology, that kind of therapy is generally counter-indicated.

In any event, it was a thoughtful piece. It may be a little heady for a date movie, but the discussion after would likely be fascinating.

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