15 June 2011

Movie Review: Release

I don't recall requesting this movie, but here it is. I first became aware of it about a week ago -- as a trailer to another movie, but its been in my queue for sometime, apparently. In any event, this movie only has a very very vague plot and Wayne Virgo.

If you have to choose between Release and Shank, that has almost the same cast, I'd pick Shank. I also am developing an intolerance to gratuitous violence and well, prison life has lots of gratuitous violence. I also found the love-making scenes a little far-fetched, especially in light of the entire plot. In any event, if you have issues with religion, prison fantasies, have a stake in the euthanasia debate or just like gratuitous violence, this is the movie to watch. Shank is way more violent, but is more focused.


  1. i know you choose these pictures carefully. so i can think of at least one good reason why this movie's nice. lol

  2. yes but I qualify it that if you're watching it for that reason, watch Shank instead! =P