22 June 2011

Movie Review: Tan Lines

Australia is a beautiful place. This movie reminds me of the movie Shelter although I think this movie came out the year before Shelter. This is another coming of age movie. Although the entire film is not executed perfectly, the key theme (in my mind), which is how totally undefined the road from childhood to adulthood is, comes into extreme focus. It is seemingly chance encounters that bridges the fragments of our lives into relationship, into transition. Let us call this the strange attractor. That is, a symbol appears upon which the outline of our psyche becomes evident for a short period and the pattern is momentarily revealed in the complexity of one's being.

Life is very much like the ebb and flow of surfing. We do travel a bit off shore. We wait patiently for the patterns to emerge and catch a wave. It is not just any wave but one that we believe we can successfully catch and that we can ride. We ride it to shore and then turn around and paddle back out to wait. Riding and paddling and waiting. Our own subject position may obscure this beautiful pattern. And only when much time has passed and the grains of space have been compacted by time can we enjoy the layers of beauty of our life from the diagenesis of time.

It is when a symbol appears that the shallow surface is washed away revealing this process. This movie does a great job of showing this as one jumps from childhood to adulthood.


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  2. Manech said... "I haven't seen this movie, but I have Shelter. It's not exceptional, but it is one of the better gay films I've seen."

    LOF says: well, tan lines is, how do you say, less than Shelter, but i think it does a good job of driving this small point but important point, the lived experience of the Lorenz attractor. hahaha. =P