17 June 2011

Movie Review: Touch of Pink

This is one of a string of movies that I ended up watching although I don't recall why I had in on my list to watch. This was a nice surprise. It's warm but it is an excellent coming out story with layers of immigration, tribal-ethnic drama and so forth -- and what can I say, Jimi Mistry is a hottie and he does a great job being an uptight semi-closeted Muslim gay guy from Toronto.
But yeah, I doubt anyone else that reads this blog would agree with me. Kyle MacLachan plays Jimi's imaginary friend, the spirit of Cary Grant. Then there is Kris Holden-Ried who plays William Compton in The Tudors:
Anyways, this is a great date movie or a cuddle up with partner and stay in night kind of movie. The plot is fairly simple:
Alim (Jimi Mistry) moves from Canada to London so he can be out and proud without worrying about what his conservative mother, Nuru (Suleka Mathew), will think. There, he lives a carefree life with his boyfriend, Giles (Kristen Holden-Ried) ... until his mother announces she's coming for a visit. Alim's forced to hide any evidence that he's dating a white man instead of the nice Muslim girl his mother dreams of.
Yes yes and so much more. I totally recommend this for the cannon of top 100 gay films and would recommend as a top film for coming out narratives. I also enjoyed what I considered to be a universal theme of differentiation from the tribe and the impact of coming out may be for someone in a highly insular immigrant community and the secrets we hold for the sake of the tribal harmony.


  1. no wonder sir william compton looked familiar. i remember him because of his affair with the charming musician, thomas tallis in the tudors. i am a fan of that series. :)

    i love nuru. hahaha

  2. Whoa, thanks for the info.. Surely look for this!