14 June 2011

When Going to Anilao, Batangas...

We go to Anilao every so often to snorkel -- that is floating on top of the water and looking at the marine life below. It can be done and I suggest doing it. You just need to get a boat and go early in the morning. Do not land at Sombrero Island. There is nothing there and its overpriced. However, do snorkel in the waters just off the other side of Sombrero Island (the opposite side from the resort). Just make sure you know how to swim or you use a rope because the current will occasionally come up suddenly and its strong.

We used Captain Carding Masangcay and his boat, the Happy Dolphin. In fact, two out of the three days we went out, we encountered a pod of dolphins -- one day the dolphins played along side the boat for a while. If you decide to go consider
Captain Carding Masangcay
0915-2244178 or
If you can coordinate transportation to Mabini in the early morning, he may be able to suggest a place to crash if you and your barkada want to spend the night and where to find masks, if you don't have your own. There are MANY hotels and resorts along the Calumpang Peninsula of Anilao -- but I have no recommendations. Some have at-shore coral reefs for further snorkeling and some don't. He can perhaps help with your budget.

If you stay at a resort, make sure you leave for your morning snorkel by 7 or 730 am latest. Snorkeling requires a different set of meteorological conditions than diving and the wind and currents become more unpredictable the later you go out -- this is not necessarily true for diving and, well, dive resorts don't fully understand that.

Here are some pictures I shot. I myself was not snorkeling but free diving and these close ups were about 5 and 6 meters deep (except the one below with the sergeant and butterfly fish that's at the suraace). You can still see most of the beauty of marine Philippines floating at the surface with a mask.


  1. aaaaaaaaaay Travel Blogger ka na.... winonah! aylaveeeeeeeeeet....

    the next time na mapadpad ako diyan, gora ako kay Captain Masangcay.... yaiy

  2. haha oo nga, travel blogging na ang drama. love eht!!!

    blue starfish! I'd pay good money to see one of those again.

  3. they are everywhere along the coast between Batangas and Mindoro. Tara na! =P