01 July 2011

Movie Review: Hard

For one reason or another, this movie remained off the radar for 12 years. I don't know how it happened. I had thought how interesting it would be to have a gay cop-thriller type movie. And, voila, a gay cop-thriller type movie appears. Of course, its dated a little bit and sometimes I myself forget what was normative just 10 years ago. Like I almost wonder, how do we do a gay cop-thriller type movie that doesn't have the cliched millennial-pride tropes of just a decade ago. I think of the various Law and Order episodes and well, frankly, the heterosexual womanizing detective is usually a cameo appearance in a single episode.

This is the plot summary: Paired with veteran lawman Tom -- one of many macho guys on the police force -- rookie detective Raymond is excited about his new promotion ... but he's terrified that someone will discover he's in the closet. While staking out his favorite gay bar one night for a serial killer of gay hustlers, Vates meets an attractive man and spends the night with him -- only to wake up and be told by his bedmate that he is, in fact, the brutal serial killer.

Detective, let me introduce you to your prime suspect...

Now, when I think of early gay-themed suspense films, I think of Hitchcock's Rope. But what if Saboteur or Shadow of a Doubt were gay-themed -- Shadow of a Doubt would have all the incestuous, highly erotic tension of Lihim ni Antonio without the Uncle Jonbert/Tong action. Strangers on a Train would be easy to change to a gay-theme with a married gay guy trying to off his wife -- after all Farley Granger was gay in real life. Even Vertigo could be rewritten to be gay-themed.

In any event, looking back at the movie at hand through the lens before television's Law and Order became a franchise, the director did a fantastic job. I won't ruin the ending, but this goes on the date night list.

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