27 August 2011

Movie Review: Contracorriente

I may be biased in favor of this movie because my life revolves around the ocean. If that is the case, then, I accept it. The movie takes place in a coastal fishing village of Peru. But it could have just as easily taken place in any of the coastal fishing villages in the Philippines.

Contracorriente is the love story that Walang Kawala attempted to be. The main character is Miguel. He is a married fisherman who observes the conservative town's patriarchal traditions. Then there is Santiago, a wealthy out-of-towner who paints and lives in a remote part of the beach away from the town. Miguel is madly in love with Santiago and for quite a long time is able to keep it a secret. But then the heat is applied to the pot and the soup heats up. Miguel is trapped in between two competing view points regarding his life. As he attempts to choose one view point, he is haunted by the other until a decision has to be made.

The cinematography is wonderful and the clear direct exposition on the movements of the soul are more seemlessly revealed in this story of love and life. Definitely a cuddle-up movie.

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  1. I didn't get to see Walang Kawala but from what I hear, it attempted too much and had too little to work with. What do you think?