01 August 2011

Movie Review: Homewrecker

This has been in my queue to watch since it first popped up somewhere as a suggestion. Something about the poster made me think it would be stupid. It wasn't. It was like a made-for-TV movie only all of the significant characters were gay. Dylan Vox is very handsome in his bleached blond hair, for the benefit of my more shallow readers, here's another half-naked photograph of him in bunny ears without the bleached hair.

He's apparently been in a whole host of gay TV shows that I've never seen. The plot is light and well thought out. The story played in a small Hollywood theater for eight months before being adapted to a low budget movie. This can be a nice date movie since the main theme of the movie, when you overlook the distracting sex scenes, is the triumph of emotional depth over sexual breadth.

(another photo of Dylan Vox from the Homewrecker)

Nothing earth shattering here just a small step in the direction of heteronormativity, as queer theorists call it, however, buried deep in the queer culture of Lost Angeles.

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