07 August 2011

Movie Review: Howl

(Borrowed for educational purposes from the NY Times who borrowed it from film maker)

I was probably the last person to see this movie and if I wasn't, then you ought to watch it. James Franco won best actor from the Central Ohio Film Critics Association and the movie was nominated for Grand Jury Prize at Sundance (whatever that means these days).

Growing up as an adolescent in a provincial backwater, I was constantly hitting up against the parochial conservatism of authority figures when in the collective realms that I felt my attendance was compulsory in. I recall once an authority figure, a stern lesbian nun, asking me if I felt I had been born in the wrong decade. It was a curious question to which I replied, no.

However, it did get me thinking that perhaps I had been misplaced. Then, as poststructuralism occupied the temporal striated organization of my neural landscape, I found Nietzsche's idea of the untimely man very appealing and was able to position my entire existence as somehow a poststructural function of the limits of empirical knowledge. I was an aberration of the present epistemology that man operates from and innocently railed against the epistemology, the ontology.

Fortunately, I did not permanently stop at the monument to God is dead, God remains dead and we have killed him. Instead, I continued on the train in the land of conventional or relative truth to discover that at the next station, the absolute, the infinite has transformed and renewed itself -- hurling itself towards its next declination, deterioration and dissolution -- skirting the edge of land where it meets the abyss like a reef skirts the edge of the diffusion of salt water.

From point to point, from line to line, like a line of flight.

I dedicate this post to the Bonsai Hunter, Herbs (happy birthday), Citybuoy (happy birthday), Victor, Manila Bitch, Partee Boi and the Bashful One and the Closet Geek.


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