09 August 2011

Movie Review: Lucky Bastard

I was slightly nauseous when the movie began. This was primarily from the ill-placed trailer for a thinly veiled porn flick entitled "Run! Bitch! Run!" There was too much slash-and-gore juxtaposed to gratuitous woman-and-man sex. Well, too much for my eyes. I probably could have tolerated the slash and gore or the woman and man sex separately but together in such tightly cut sequences of a trailer was too much.

I feel better getting that out of my system. I was expecting something on the same level as the Run Bitch Run movie. That trailer was actually preceded by several trailers that were (1) very poorly done or (2) the movie was poorly done and showed up poorly in the trailer. The bar was set low, in other words.

However, the movie was actually quite gripping. As someone who struggled with control issues when I was younger and having been surrounded by the control-chaos dyad in social relations from an early age, I can attest that the writer of this movie had some experience in it. Much of the acting was bad.

(gratuitous, yes)

In fact, Dale Dymkoski who plays druggie-pornstar Denny in the movie was such a bad actor that it sometimes interfered with the story line. I recall in several instances where I wasn't sure if he was portraying high or if he was having difficulty remembering his lines or reading from the board off screen.

Nevertheless, it's a love story and the writer does a good job of driving home the point. I was disappointed, however, with the resolution of the Denny character in the end. I won't give away the ending but I will talk in general terms about the structure of the movie. If that's enough to spoil it for you, avert your eyes now.

(but he had brown eyes in the movie, I think)

Denny becomes the shadow -- a trash bin of everything shameful a professional gay man must reject in himself. As disturbing as the regressive and codependent relationship Rusty the main character established with Denny, the porn-star-druggie, it had a tremendous beneficial impact on Rusty. But where does the movie leave Denny, the drugged out porn star in the end? That is the disappointment in this movie. It come so close yet so far away from a satisfactory ending in my part. The dyad of control-chaos is so rich that a love story can blossom and still adequately address the points.

I don't really know who the Lucky Bastard is in this movie (buts its not about a bunch of blue collar Jews killing Nazi's during World War II).

If you previously suffered from drug addiction or codependent relationships, I would watch this one with a little caution.

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