05 August 2011

Rudolf Brazda, 98, Gay Concentration Camp Survivor

Rudolf Brazda, 98, who is the last known gay survivor of the German concentration camps (and sent there because of his homosexuality) died.

Brazda was born in 1913. He grew up in the eastern German town of Meuselwitz and repeatedly ran into trouble with Nazi authorities over his homosexuality before being sent to Buchenwald.

Brazda lived in the Alsace region of eastern France after World War II. Earlier this year, he was named a knight in the country’s Legion of Honor.

Read the AP story here.


  1. oh... berlin's mayor is gay? wow...

  2. @LOF - lol!

    i'm trying to look for a movie about homosexuals (even a documentary) during the Nazi era. will be interesting to find one.

  3. Paragraph 175 (the name of the German statute prohibiting homosexuality during the Nazi period and the name of the documentary)