15 September 2011

Miss Angola


  1. puzzie needs an interpreter. hahaha

  2. Before I answer that I'd like to greet Buenos Aires a very pleasant evening!

    host whispers "we're in Sau Paolo, Miss Angola"

    Eherm! I'd like to greet those who are in Buenos Aires right now who is watching this show. gives a forced smile

    Thank you Miss Salonga for that wonderful, interesting, and thought provoking question - which might have been asked a million times by now and answered in an equal number of times by both men and women throughout the years and around the world.

    I thank you!

    Uhm, did I answer your question?

  3. true or false:

    they plucked Miss China's interpreter from a night wet market in Hongkong.

  4. okay so I finally got to see the video. (they blocked YouTube in the office)