03 September 2011

Movie Review: Parallel Sons

As the movie poster says "one of the most memorable american indies of the decade." I'm not sure if this is a facetious statement like "Perhaps, one day, this century will be known as Deleuzian" or if it was meant to be serious. I was bored through most of the film although the film's twist at the end made me feel like I got some credit for sitting through the whole thing. After reading some other reviews, I actually feel like it was due to budget constraints that the vision for the story was much bigger than the available paint and canvas -- too bad. Of course, the other point is that it came out in 1995 (although I did not realize this until reading the reviews after) and I don't recall it in the 1990s. Here's the short summary of the movie:
Seth is a bored 20-year-old drinker obsessed with African-American culture, although he's never met a black person. When he encounters a black man bleeding from a bullet wound and wielding a gun, Seth helps him, and the two form a close relationship.
Okay, so you can see where this could easily go. I was very fascinated by the symbolism but the treatment was uneven and bunched up near the end. If you are doing the marathon DVD watching for knowledge of the history of gay cinema, this should be on the list.

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