04 September 2011

Movie Review: Rivers Wash Over Me

Although it now has been many years since I was a teenager in high school, I felt emotionally this movie hit the nail on the head with the complexities of being different in a parochial backwater with a fairly nuanced treatment of race relations and power. Here's the summary:
When his mother dies, young teenager Sequan Greene leaves New York City to live with relatives deep in rural Alabama, where he tries to keep his homosexuality a guarded secret with little success. But when his cousin best friend's rebellious girlfriend recognizes Sequan's orientation, she befriends him and eventually introduces him to her gay brother, Jake.
To the point, the movie is about the angst of being a gay teen in a world where the avenues for meaningful emotional intimacy are few or nonexistent. At a critical moment in the movie, Jake and his sister introduce Sequan to swimming and we hear Take Me to the River in the background. It was a nice juxtaposition since the story is mostly a trial-by-fire.

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