13 December 2011

Movie Review: Breakfast with Scot

This movie is in the genre of stable, established gay couple introduces a young tween or adolescent into the mixture and are forced to confront the various defense mechanisms that have made the stability possible. Here's the official summary:
Eric and his lover, Sam, are pushed into becoming temporary parents to an 11-year-old boy with a fondness for gold chains, lace and the color pink while Eric's brother -- the boy's father -- is out of the country. Neither man ever saw himself as a father, but having such an undeniably colorful child around the house has a funny way of changing their minds.
This movie is no exception except that its budget is probably the biggest of any movie made in this gay subgenre that I've seen. So, its a nice date movie. Light hearted and barely scratches the surface of anything too painful or dramatic. Coincidentally, the boy who plays Scot, Noah Bernett, is exactly what I would think Shelley Duvall would look like if she were a 11 year old gay boy, really.

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  1. I have the book, haven't seen the movie yet, though. Looking forward to watching it next year.