06 December 2011

Movie Review: Let's Go To Prison

When I put this movie in the queue to watch, I didn't think much of it except that it was likely to be another gay comedy. I had to keep asking myself where the "gay & lesbian" part of the movie was. Here is the summary:
John Lyshitski gets his chance for sweet revenge when Nelson Biederman, the son of the judge who sent Lyshitski to jail, is wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to time in the slammer. The scheming Lyshitski deliberately gets tossed back in the clink, where he does everything in his power to ensure that his new cellmate -- Biederman -- experiences all the wonders of prison life.
I had assumed that this would be a film about gay sex in prison, but actually, that's just something that you get teased with. I'm still trying to figure out the moral of the story here or non-moral, that the case may be. Perhaps its that love prevails over the power drive? It's light and makes fun of the American criminal justice system.

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