04 December 2011

Movie Review: Strapped

I was not expecting much from this movie. Strapped idiomatically refers to several things: not having money, having a gun, or having a large cock. The summary was provided as follows:
A handsome young hustler moves almost effortlessly through the world, modifying his persona to fit the needs of each client, even though it leaves him with little self-knowledge. That changes during one night of unusual encounters. After trysting with a shy Russian, the young man tries to leave the apartment building but is stymied by its maze-like structure and meets a string of quirky inhabitants who teach him about himself.
But was I totally surprised! This was definitely a thinking movie.

The encounter with the Russian was so-so but when he leaves and begins the labyrinth journey to the end. There is the one apartment scene where I feel like if I had dropped acid, I would have been at one of the coffeebabies inuman parties in the land of Oz. There were also a few gay Ernest Hemingway types characters in my life (although I never slept with any of them). There were the crazy bi-married father/silahis types.

And then, of course, the last apartment he encounters presented me with the two primary fragments of my own adolescent self: the tortured lonely poet romantic who has spiritualized intimacy to an ascetic non-sexual extreme and the hustler who has dismissed intimacy to a hedonistic sexual extreme.

But what comes of such an encounter? I'll save the ending for you to watch. Maybe you will feel sad? Maybe you will be happy? But this is definitely a date/cuddle-up-with-partner movie.

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