12 February 2012

Age and Youth, A Series

"Bless us to engender the realization of the impermanence of this life in understanding that whatever is gathered will be separated, whatever is accumulated will be exhausted, whatever reaches a high state will fall to a low state and whatever takes birth will die and that the time of death is uncertain. " - Buddhist prayer on the intermediate state

Youth: My friend introduced me to you. We were about the same age and both very smitten with one another. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and everyone around us were blind (or ignored) the explosive passion between us. Every moment alone we had, we kissed and cuddled and talked. I would walk the two kilometers to the subdivision gate and back every morning after you spent the night -- avoiding the noise of starting the engine but ensuring that you were not alone on that walk. We were devoted to each other although we understood at the beginning that this would not continue indefinitely. Perhaps, it was the acceptance at the beginning of the limited nature of the engagement that produced its intensity. It was an intensity that was confusing yet unmatched for many years.

Age: I have married and am happily so. There are no bittersweet memories. There are no regrets.You provided me with a real experience of intimacy when my understanding or capacity for it was so limited. You were gentle and kind and loving and understanding. We were very curious about each other and we created space to entertain that curiosity. It was difficult for me, after we parted, to confront the lesson your involvement in my life gave me and I put up a wall to protect me from my own vulnerability. One of many. However, as my capacity for intimacy and love deepened, my gratitude and appreciation for our time together grew. Until one day I found the courage and humility to look you up when I was in town, only to discover that you had died the day before I was able to locate you, after a long illness. It was the ultimate and final chapter in a significant lesson about life -- and love. Life is love. Your precious gift of understanding continues to reward me. Life is love. Thank you.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Age and Youth

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