15 February 2012

The Ghost of Happiness, A Series

"This madness here? Those ghosts there? Or spectrality in general? This is more or less our whole question — and our circumspection." -Jacques Derrida

"Can we be boyfriends yet?"

"No. Let's just be friends."

"How about now?"

"No." You turned over and went back to sleep. My arm was wrapped tightly around you. The street light coming in through the window between the branches of the mango tree outside -- wrapping itself against the wall. My eyes move to the shadow which are inextricably bound to the street light, the window, the branches of the mango tree.

One inextricable knot -- the wall, haunted by the window, haunted by the mango tree, haunted by the street light --- cuddling with the ghost of happiness, a projection through the window of my soul, my youth.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: The Ghost of Happiness



  1. But how do you feel now?

    captcha win: tselebid THEN <- naka all caps talaga?

  2. cb: how is it that I wasn't notified of this comment last week? lol. (not that I'm not completely avoiding your question now)

    pb: its fiction if cb's segueing cousins piece is/was fiction. hehe

  3. Ninja comment. I see what you did there. So.. how do you feel? lolz

  4. Too good to be a fiction. This is one of my favorites on the series.