07 February 2012

A Lover, A Series

"For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings'."
- William Shakespeare

The last night of the town fiesta, I wandered onto the internet relay chat. Everyone in my barangay was asleep, or that was what I thought. I logged in. I searched domain names of online users and discovered you in #poetry. No one was in #poetry except you and then me. We chatted for several hours. Line by line, we revealed our fragments to each other. Then, when it was already quite late, we agreed to meet out in the dark of the fields.

I walked out to our rendezvous point, in the dark, in the unknown. You arrived in your owner-type jeepney -- your headlamps cutting through the quiet darkness. I looked in through the window and there you were. A soldier. I got in and we went off -- the humming of the engine cutting through the dark silence. We drove for some time, out of the town toward the mountains, up into the mountains. Then, you pulled off the road.

We got out and as my eyes adjusted to the cool light of the stars, you put your arm through my arm and torso and pulled me to the ground. I stopped breathing. As you caressed my skin, you reminded me: "don't forget to breathe." I gasped. You giggled.

It was much cooler in the mountains than down in town. We embraced and cuddled for a long time. Then, you began to kiss me. My proprioceptional capacity overwhelmed, I lost all sensation of my own existence. Yet, my discriminative touch was heightened and my awareness of the fine hairs on your legs and arms could be felt one by one, the varying tones of the different areas of your skin appreciated in microns.

Then we made love -- among the trees, in the mountains, below the stars and the night sky. It was a euphony of tactile, visual, audio, gustatory and olfactory sensations in a baroque repetition of allegro, adagio, scherzo, sonata until the morning light began to diffuse through the night sky and the first movements of the morning orchestral refrains began to be sung by the avian musicians.

You took me back to the field and gave me another kiss as your jeepney came to a full stop. I walked home and fell into a deep sleep.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: A Lover

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  1. Something about this feels a bit disconnected. Like maybe I can't imagine someone from that setting describing things that way. Either way, army boys are hotttttt!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Lemme try to rephrase my lost comment. I think I said something about this post feels disconnected. I hear you but I can't imagine you'd be from that area. But anyway, army boys are hotttt and to have him write poetry is divine. I just wish you'd included some lines. It would be interesting to see how different their poetry styles are yet they diverge in sex...

  3. the disconnect (not your comments but the post) may be in an overriding need to protect both the innocent and guilty involved in the making of these words.

  4. this is just so sweet...and sad, in a way. stolen moments are like that, no?

  5. wow, i've never done it in the mountains... sa tapat lang ng gate ng abandonadong bahay. hahaha! :D
    this is so nice. aww parang gusto ko tuloy na may mangyari sa aking ganito! haha
    nice post :)

  6. i've done it once in the beach, never in the mountains. hahaha. But its something that I am really looking forward to, wag lang Mount Pulag. lols

  7. i've done it at the beach many times and i can assure everyone who has every romanticized it that it is only a fantasy. sand gets everywhere and its quite inconvenient at the least and unpleasant at best. (of course, maybe saying 'many times' undercuts the criticism a bit) i did have sex once in 20' of water, on a near full moon night. not recommended.