05 February 2012

Madness, A Series

"The entire world is my temple, and a very fine one too, if I'm not mistaken, and I'll never lack priests to serve it as long as there are men." - Erasmus

Under a moon lit sky, I traced the grooves on your torso. Our prior familiarity with each other seemed to have been a deep fog for under this moon lit sky, at this moment we finally met. Your body was so hard yet so soft to my touch. A paradox. A contradiction.

For a moment as we reversed positions, you hesitated. But then, our lips made contact and you began kissing me with such fervency that in a primeval state of emotional empathy I was swept into your ecstasy, which became mine.

You did not last long when you entered me. You began to apologize profusely. To which I returned with a gentle kiss. Your ardor had mellowed replaced with a constancy as we embraced late into that night -- falling asleep in each others arms.

Yet, the light of the next moment came and with it a subtle and corrosive focus toward the threshold of the abyss of intimacy in which that delicate, tender and fine embrace had remained. But, the causes and conditions had not yet ripened. And when distance began to fill the nothingness between you and me, much more than misprision, a madness.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Madness

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  1. I know I said it last time but i could've sworn this wasn't the LOF i know.

    When you spoke of entering and stuff, i actually blushed. and you've seen me, i'm not blush-able at all!

  2. that one line took more time to write, adequately, than the rest of the post. and yes, i myself blushed.

  3. yan ang epekto ng pagsama-sama niya sa atin hahahahaha...

    nagiging mas daring at bolder na si Kuya... :D

  4. the perils of being a versa, i suppose?hehehe