01 February 2012

A Prologue, A Series

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." - Tenzin Gyatso

It had never occurred to me, until this moment, that I held the projection of the mother for him. I was so in love with him and yet he was so in love with another, I had never stopped to consider what the significance of his close affection for might be if not being in love.

Yet after the ablution and libations, the incantations and recitations, in the unworldly trance he found himself in, I have been stripped of all humanity and what remains constellated in that ecstatic vision of his is me as his mother, the mother.

I hold him close to me. He begins to tell me the story of his pain, which is mine -- and so all I can do is to hold him closer and tighter. Binding myself more deeply to the constellation of his symbolic truth, to my symbolic truth. A moment of pure intimacy against the background beat of the drums and the only light of the stars in the night sky blessing us from afar.

A moment of my truth repeated into the materiality of the world. A prologue.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Prologue

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  1. It terrifies me how much we resemble our mothers. It never occurred to me that it's possible for you to resemble someone else's. or is the concept of being a mother universal?

  2. sabihin nanaman ni Citybuoy, "sure na nakarelate si YJ dito bilang mahilig sa bata...."


    i don't know, but this reminded me of a cab ride i once took with someone i used to like kahit sobrang against ang mga friends ko dahil masyado daw siyang bata.

    he fell asleep, his head on my shoulder and hand wrapped on my waist. i checked on my wallet and told the driver,

    "manong magpaikot-ikot tayo hanggang umabot ang metro ng tatlong libo."


  3. I fell for a friend. He was charming, adorable and exceptionally witty. He was also in love with someone else, and he always tell me that I am the greatest friend that he ever had, however I am just a friend to him.