21 March 2012

Movie Review: All Boys

If I were to give this documentary a grade, I'd give it a D- or 60%. I thought there were two choices the director could have gone: gratuitous pandering to the prurient interests of views by showing lots of skin clad young men having sex OR could have been a clear Frontline (US, PBS) or A Year in the Life (UK, BBC) style documentary that was in-depth. Instead, it did neither. There was gratuitous pandering and there was some scratching of the surface.

It's redeeming quality for its lack of comprehensive or concise historical narrative of Eastern European gay porn or its concise critical analysis of the material causes and conditions that drive the market for Eastern European gay male porn, is that it tries to focus on some of the young men who act in the videos.

I watched this because my introduction to gay porn was through Bel Ami's Lukas Story 2. Yes, it was my first view of filmic gay pornography. If you have the time and the interest, it may be worth the watch, just understand that its lack of focus or direction seem to be turn offs.


  1. I'm guessing they had good intentions. Or I'm basing it solely on how kind the guy in the bottom left part of the DVD looks. lolz

  2. ooooh bel ami!!! :) i used to like bel ami before when i was younger, pero nowadays let's just say i'm getting more attracted to blacks or latinos. or asians. or lahat! wahaha :D
    actually for me it would depend on how the guy looks like. mmmmmmmmmm!
    LOL @ citybuoy's comment! hahaha baka nga dahil kay kuyang cute. wahaha :D

  3. IMDB gave All Boys a rating of 4.5 out of 10. I'm steering clear of this one, hehe

    Yeah, I remember Bel Ami. Big fan of Johan Paulik here, haha