14 March 2012

Movie Review: David's Birthday

The production value of this film is comparable to some of the best indie styled Hollywood films coming out these days, kudos to the cinematographer! This is another one of those films where I did no prepping and just watched.

We have a successful psychoanalyst Matteo and his wife Francesca, who are sharing a summer vacation estate in an Italian beach resort somewhere with their friends, Shary and Diego. The movie starts with the group watching Wagner's opera Tristan and Isolde. This sets the stage for anyone familiar with the opera that we will shortly be entering the realm of Schopenhauer melancholy. In any event, Shary's brother Leonard is seated at the opera across from them and she makes contact with her brother who has been out of town.

Everything is normal until Shary's son shows up to have summer too. Instead of the young child he once was, now he is an underwear model played by Brazilian actor/model Thyago Alves.

Thyago meet YJ, YJ Thyago.

And now Matteo finds himself completely and utterly swept up into a frenzy over David -- and not in successful psychoanalyst kind of way. Matteo is highly conflicted but uncontrollably attracted to David. He tries to repress these desires and as we know, the psychic energy goes somewhere and returns in even stranger forms (he rapes his desperate wife, he gets pissed at the pub and humiliates himself and his wife and friends, etc.,).

Leonard eventually drops in and begins to casually observe what is going on between Matteo and David around the same time that David starts offering overtures back to Matteo.

This film now holds the spot for the most artistic non-porn masturbation scene I've ever watched.

I wouldn't ruin the movie by telling you the ending but I can say that the slowness that sometimes attends to the film is worth the last 15 minutes (if you're not into well down non-prof jerk off scenes or Brazilian models).


  1. Where do you even find these movies? haha that Thyago kid looks divine. :)

  2. its funny because the original caption for that second photo was 'thyago meet cb. cb thyago' and i changed it because i didn't want you to feel like i was giving you a hard time. lol. i don't know where i find these movies, but i do have an abiding commitment to watching every gay movie i can. then writing short reviews here.