07 March 2012

Movie Review: Eating Out 4, Drama Camp

This will definitely not make it into the canon of classical queer cinema. However, I understand the need for B-movie type romantic comedies for young gay men who have not watched every gay film ever distributed commercially.

This movie is on that list on B-movies. It's like an after school gay TV special with an overwhelming amount of non-pornographic demonstrative nudity to titillate the young minds who would most benefit from the simple plot and the adolescent problems the various actors work through in the movie. A touch of sweetness overpowered by the need to have make out scenes.

It happens that this movie will be screening at Queeriosity Palace on March 11. Check Lexuality for more details.


  1. I think I saw the first one and wasn't utterly impressed. I'm surprised they made it to part 4!

  2. i haven't seen any of them, but i just might dahil ang cute ng bida! type ko ahihihi :)

  3. i can't remember which was better 1 or 2. but they aren't anything heavy. just playful.