11 March 2012

Movie Review: Judas Kiss

Aside from the fact that Charlie David is not the best actor, I was surprised to really enjoy this film. The slick Hollywood production value didn't hurt it either. I hadn't read any reviews or summaries of the film before watching it so it was a pleasant surprise.

The story is quite simple, failed moviemaker Zach Wells fills in for his friend at his alma mater's film festival. He has a fling with a student who turns out to be a contestant in the film festival. The next day, he learns that the contestant is actually a past version of himself and begins the conscious struggle with his past.

For whom does the grail serve?

When I think about all of the things I've done in my life, I see many places where I could have alleviated my own suffering by doing something different. I had no one particular life changing event where a future me could have returned to to alter the past. All of the fortuitous events occurred along side the unlucky, premeditated ones -- entangled and entwined -- like the results of geological processes in the various substrata of my life. I feel that the act of returning to the past to "change" something would be a repudiation of my present life and so although I ruminate at times about how things may have been different had I showed more empathy here or restraint there, I am contented with the life I have and accept its foundations. Or at least, to learn to accept the foundations -- including the shadow -- of my present life.

This is definitely a cuddle up movie on a wet in-doors night and a refreshing "magical realism" type movie like Were the World Mine to the canons of gay and lesbian cinema. Definitely a movie to watch.


  1. seems interesting. i'll try to watch this. :)
    and yeah i agree with you there. right now may problems man ako here and there, and wishing that i have done things differently on those times na i made a fool of myself or didn't exert the much needed effort, and to have been someone else during high school, to remove all the shadows that I have had back then... but yeah come to think of it, it was all a part of who I am now. so keribels nalang talaga. haha :)

  2. Do you remember that conversation we had about the teenage versions of ourselves and whether we'd have a thing for them?

    And I hope Google doesn't think this comment is spam. haha