12 March 2012

Movie Review: Kickoff

I could have sworn there was another European movie about a gay football team and after I watched this movie, I realized there is. The Icelandic Eleven Men Out. Anyways, this is not the deepest or well directed movie ever made. It's actually, in some ways, ethnographic. It shows working class Brits exploring the theme of masculinity and sexuality through the lens of bottom tier football clubs. Because I was expected something like Eleven Men Out, I was surprised when 75% through the film, I realized we would only be watching one highly contrived football match.

But I didn't mind it. It was funny and interesting to see how British working class culture works in such situations. I don't think that was the intent of the movie, but it worked out just the same. This is a romantic comedy, of sorts, so its suitable for a not too heavy date night type viewing situation, but will likely be most interesting to those that are interested in an ethnographic snapshot of British working class society.


  1. i wonder where do you get your films, lof.

    never seen almost all of it. hahaha

  2. well, for the information of the general readership, i'll just say, i didn't pick them up at the friendly, neighborhood tiangge. lol