03 March 2012

Movie Review: Right by Me

I would say this movie, based on the book by Alex Sanchez, has a similar theme to the Manay Po movies except it is not told through the story of three half brothers but through three classmates. In the movie, we have a jock (Ek), a nerd (Nat) and a flamboyant gay (Tat). Ek questions his sexuality but refuses to give up on his girlfriend. Nat becomes Ek's tutor and something more than just friends looks imminent. Meanwhile, Tat has a crush on his best friend Nat and is frustrated by Nat's attachment to Ek. As Ek's sexuality becomes clarified, things get move complicated especially when Ek shows up to a gay youth group that Nat and Tat go to. I am not a big fan of the coming out genre -- but I think this romantic comedy did a good job.

I think some Western audiences may not appreciate the classical Southeast Asian melodrama that is worked through the film. So for those in that audience demographic, caution. Everyone else, this is definitely a date night movie.

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