06 March 2012

Movie Review: Straight

I can only thank the film maker who kept this movie to an hour. Anyone who has become entangled in the love life of a straight-identified macho working class guy can relate to this story -- no matter how poorly executed the movie came out -- you will find some resonance with this story.

Here is a loose description of the plot: there are three players in the story: Jana, who is Catholic, David, who is Jewish, and Nazim who is Muslim. Jana dates David to rebel against her conservative parents meanwhile David is entangled with Nazim. Nazim also appears to have some entanglement with Jana as well.

(City Buoy meet Eralp Uzun)

Unfortunately for the story, the director couldn't decide whether it ought to be a realist or formal movie and got stuck doing both. However, this movie was so clearly about Nazim that his acting was able to salvage enough of the movie to make it bearable.

This movie only works if you've ever been entangled in the drama of the straight identified macho guy. Otherwise, this movie is to be skipped.

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  1. The second picture isn't displaying right so I googled him and my goodness, nanginig bahay bata ko. haha