13 March 2012

Movie Review: Unsolved Suburbia

This movie is hilarious. If only it had about 20 more film minutes and another $20-50,000, it would likely have been the next indie film to break through. The production value is at a minimal and perhaps this is a film students senior project. But its like a teleserye in one hour. I would say this is the middle class Mexican-American version of Gregg Araki's Totally Fucked Up.

The story revolves around sometimes gay, sometimes straight high school senior Marty and his seemingly totally gay but self-professed straight Jake. Marty has a boyfriend and a girlfriend who find out about each other so they decide to have a three-way relationship. Jake is a peeping tom and a total tsimosa and so the whole murder mystery plot that would be otherwise totally contrived actually seems to work. Unlike other gay teenager movies, most of the hot guys are not white Americans but Mexican Americans. The movie simply suffered from budget limitations.

This also gives a fascinating ethnographic look into middle-class Mexican-American communities in southern California. For only having to commit an hour to it, I think its worth the watch if you can find it. Gay cinema is definitely lacking in murder mystery movies.


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    1. Sorry ang labo nga nung sinabi ko. haha I meant mexicans are always portrayed in a racist kind of way. Based on your review, it seems they're portrayed like regular folk in this movie.

    2. how did we get to cascading comments? did my unprotected commenting in your blog infect my blog? lol

      its funny because one of the mom's is a bigoted Mexican doña

    3. Well that's one. Haha it's a shame how mexicans are portrayed in most hollywood films.

      And I think it enables itself if you have a default template and the embedded comment form. I believe you've had cascading comments for a while now. :p

    4. its funny. i have some relatives that are mexican and of course, i did spend a few summers in northern mexico as a teenager. it just occurred to me at this moment that Hollywood has had a major negative Mexican stereotyping problem for a long time and connecting it with the fact that this story was written and directed by a Mexican. weird. lol

    5. Well doesn't Hollywood have a major negative stereotyping problem in general?

      And because I said that, does that mean I have a negative stereotyping problem too?

      If so, this can only mean one thing.

      I. AM. HOLLYWOOD. lolz

  2. oooooohhh i wanna watch this!!!! looks interesting :)
    and about the lack of murder mystery movies (that are gay) i think that would be fun! :)