05 May 2012

Movie Review: Velvet Goldmine

I was never really into the glam rock scene. And although I did live with bleached and color-dyed hair (orange, then red, then blue), I wasn't really into the punk scene at all either. However, that shouldn't be taken to mean I wasn't aware of what was happening in those parts. 

However, this movie which for some reason I never saw (when it originally came out) took it to a whole new level, everything I ever knew, thought I knew or could think to know was exploded in this movie about the sexual ambiguity of the glam rock scene.

Did I mention that the main character makes out with Ewan McGregor  (on the right with long blonde hair)? Oh and did I mention that, in one scene, Ewan McGregor is rocking out on stage and strips for both back and frontal nudity? Haha.

I am very happy with the surprise ending because otherwise the movie might not have been worth it for me. I was disappointed that they didn't spend more time with Ewan McGregor's childhood flashbacks, but the movie flows when it flows. There was really a lot of randomness that interfered with being able to say something meaningful but at least the surprise ending kind of made watching to the end, not a complete waste.

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  1. This film chaneled David Bowie ... i'm not sure if it is intentional. I love the costumes/clothes here, especially the ones worn by Rhys Myers.