04 May 2012

Movie Review: Beginners

I am very happy that Christopher Plummer was given an Oscar award for his work in this movie. I also thought Ewan McGregor did an excellent job too but it was almost as though two separate movies were going on. I have previously written about a news article about a grandfather who comes out of the closet. I think this is an extension of that and in a way where Plummer's character, if he has any moral failings, was waiting to lead his life after his life was mostly over. Sadly, Plummer's character tells us that he felt he was in a bind between having a family and becoming a father and being gay and so he chose the former to the detriment to living a full meaningful life and only tries to catch up when death is at his door. It was a touching story and makes a comment about the good life and our own mortality, perhaps not as intensely as The Iron Lady, but it does well. McGregor's story is sort of superfluous to that, but perhaps his relationship with his dog was needed to not make the story so tragic.


  1. i loved all the actors in this film (even the dog) except for one - Plummer's boyfriend. he was trying too hard to act gay. hehehe.