27 June 2012

Movie Review: Change of Heart

I only realized this was a Made for TV movie about 5 minutes into the film. It definitely has the "afterschool special" to it.

Here's the plot: Dr. Joe Marshall is the archetypal father and husband is well respected in the medical community. Dr. Marshall has a secret that begins to force its way out of his well crafted mask. Because Dr. Marshall starts to act a little strange around his wife, her interest is piqued when she (administrative officer of the medical institute he works at) adds an appointment to his calendar and sees he that his calendar has him at a local hotel with room number. Mrs. Marshall goes there conflicted about finding the other woman. When Dr. Marshall opens the door in a bath robe thinking he is room service, Mrs. Marshall is more stunned than him to find a grown man behind him in a bath towel. Ay kasta!

Like In This Life, this movie is not about the struggling gay man. It's about the mom. The movie gives a strange late 90s account of how American families dealt with the phenomenon of a gay dad. Because its PG and made for TV, there are no serial killers nor any S/M trannies. It's a Made for TV movie so I wouldn't go out of my way to watch. I'm still not sure how I ended up watching this.

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