17 June 2012

Movie Review: Cracks

It is rare if ever that I post a review of a movie that has no male -- well no significant male -- characters. But given that I'm not sure how this ended up in my queue in the first place and I did sit through it, I thought I'd share a short review. The cinematography was stunning. There is just something about the British countryside that is really beautiful. That being said, about 20-30 minutes of the movie could have been shaved off by cutting a few shots here and there and cutting the extended lingering on the landscapes that didn't move the story forward.

Once the director got passed that, though, the movie was a nice psychological thriller. It is unfortunate that in attempting convincing period piece, the story was left with little choice but to pull a lesbian out of the Well of Loneliness and give her that lesbian preying on young girls story. The writer did an excellent job of crafting the psychology of each character so well, all of the problems of extended landscape shots, etc., drift into the past as the movie draws to its dramatic climax.

If you are not a nature lover, do not watch lesbian films on principle, or can't sit still for more than 84 minutes, this is not the movie to watch.

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