26 June 2012

Movie Review: The Green

I avoided this movie for several months. I did see Julia Ormond and Illeana Douglas on the cover, but I thought, not another one of these movies. I'm glad I was wrong even about Cheyenne Jackson. Wow! What a great actor! Although some of the critics have called this a "bare-budget" movie, compared to some of the stuff I watch, the actors make up a hundred fold for any defects in the financing of this film.

The story is fairly simple. Michael and Daniel leave New York City for an idyllic life in an upper middle class country town in Connecticut. Daniel runs a cafe and catering business while Michael is a restless high school drama teacher. The community more or less accepts the couple. That is, until a troubled high school student that Michael has been helping accuses him of molestation. This complicates life as the accepting community turns into its seventeenth century New England Puritan double and even the people closest to them begin to turn their backs.

While one of the interesting themes is the precarious position gay men remain in regarding accusations of sexual misconduct, the most interesting theme has to do with the relationship between Michael and Daniel and what intimacy means in the long-term perspective.

This is definitely an excellent cuddle/date movie. It did not have a theatrical release.


  1. oooh that seems interesting! mapanuod nga... gusto ko mga ganyang stories. teka, wala bang bold scenes dyan? kasi bata pa ako eh. haha charot! :D

    thanks for sharing!

  2. walang bold scenes dyan! hahaha just a few shirtless cheyenne jackson scenes naman.