10 July 2012

Movie Review: Eating Out, The Open Weekend

After Drama Camp, I did not have high hopes for this installment. However, of the latter films of the Eating Out franchise, this has perhaps got to be the best and even as a stand alone, it's great. The dialogue is really what makes this movie what it is. It deals head-on with the issue most important to the young gay man, intimacy. And unlike the earlier films of the Eating Out franchise, this does not follow the fairy-tale cookie cutter movie story.

Casey and Zach return for this installment except that they are not together. Instead Zach's new boyfriend Benji has signed them up to go for a weekend to Palm Springs, California for a weekend of debauchery which requires, among other things, an open relationship "for the weekend." The movie primarily follows Zach with his intimacy conflict until, upon arriving in Palm Springs, Casey appears, single also signed up for a weekend of debauchery. 

Because of the conflicts, Zach implies that he and Casey are in a committed (not open) relationship. Casey, having been reintroduced to a previously fat and overlooked high school classmate named Peter, fabricates the story that he and Peter are also in a committed relationship. Casey and Zach have also brought their straight female doppelgangers, Lily (also in Eating Out 4, Drama Camp) and Penny who both have the hots for the only straight guy at the hotel, the Latino bartender/janitor/poolboy.

As an aside, I also enjoyed Brocka's comment on the many who rushed to get married during California's brief period of legalized same-sex marriage.

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