09 July 2012

Movie Review: Redwoods

It's funny because this has been recommended to me many times and I've ignored those recommendations. Everett (Brendan Bailey) is in a long term relationship with Miles. They are also raising Miles disabled (autistic?) child. However, his life and relationship have stagnated. When Miles and the son go on a trip somewhere, Everett happens to be happened upon by a writer named Chase (Matthew Montgomery). The story is very much like a gay Bridges of Madison County, only it ends with a twist. It slowed down a little in the middle of the movie but it ended at a good clip.

I wonder about the premise of the movie since it doesn't seem like Everett does any real soul searching regarding why his life or relationship has stagnated. The American redwood trees are beautiful nonetheless reminds me of the mountains of Apayao.

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