08 July 2012

Movie Review: Weekend

This is an interesting movie after Russell parties with his straight friends, we goes into a gay bar and meets Glen. They have a one night stand that turns into a partying, drunken, drug intoxicated weekend where they learn about each other, both their narratives and their emotional character. This is very much a character driven movie since it only very loosely has a plot. I think I've covered everything about the movie so I'm not sure what else to say. It wasn't bad. It's just a character driven movie.


  1. i love this film. bittersweet ... or the other way around. but i loved it.

    i love the screenplay too.

  2. are you flirting with my uncle in other regions of the internet right now? lol

  3. flirting with your uncle? hmmm, i can only think of one instance i did something to a close relative of yours.

    is this a comment about a movie in one of his posts?

    slight. :)