08 August 2012

Movie Review: Coffee Date

I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie since I was only given what to expect for the first ten minutes: Todd shows up at a coffee shop to meet a blind date named Kelly that his brother had arranged for him via an online dating service. The first sign of something not being quite right is that they meet a a gay coffee house. 

With only one table, he shares it with Wilson Cruz' character where they discuss common interests while Wilson Cruz' character also waits for his blind date. It turns out that they are waiting for each other since Wilson Cruz plays Kelly in the movie. Todd decides to get back at his brother/house-guest by coming home with Kelly and pretending to hook up with a man.

Todd's brother, Barry, goes a step further and tells Todd's mom who immediately flies out to Los Angeles to be with her son. Suddenly there is a social cascading of Todd being outed although he professes his "straightness"..

What I found so fascinating about this film was the challenges it makes to attraction, sexual orientation and gender and the relationship of the individual to the community and the nature and source of identity. I found the mother's very funny "case historicizing" her son's new found, always already present homosexuality.

I'd have to say the surprise ending is well surprising, but I'll leave it at that. It's funny and is able to very easily move through quite heavy topics without seeming wonky.

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