21 August 2012

Movie Review: Garçon Stupide

For some reason when this movie came out, I avoided it. Part of it had to do with an alternate movie poster which showed the main character, Loic, played by Pierre Chatagny, as an emaciated teenager. I just thought anorexic twink and the title "Garçon stupide" just sounded stupid. However, I was surprised with the issues the movie attempted to grapple with. Loic struggles with intimacy versus isolation (in the form of night time trysts with strangers) until he develops a real crush on a local celebrity. I imagine, had Herbs not emigrated, this might of been the Swiss version of his life.

(Ania ti kunam, Manila Bitch?)

There were parts of the film that just seemed random to the overall point of the film. But nevertheless, I think the attempt is worth enough of 90 minutes of your attention to see. I found the Swiss French variations of tryst sexuality to be exotic, to say the least.

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