25 August 2012

Movie Review: Like a Brother

This could have just as easily been called Like a Movie. At 55 minutes, it was really just over the line for a long short. But it wasn't quite a movie. In fact, the movie ends right around where a full length feature film would come to a climax and then the denouement. But unfortunately, we get two scenes before the climax and the credits roll. Boo to the producers for failing on budget, I'm sure.

The story develops where Sebastien (left) is a confused gay growing up in a town in the province. He has a crush on Romain (right). It isn't totally clear where he's at in his new life except that he's come to the capital region, Paris, to make a new life as Zack. He now has a boyfriend, a new life and then keeps flashing back to his adolescence in the province. He has a huge crush on Romain, who never really reciprocates until one night when his girlfriend stands him up/dumps him/somehow dismisses him. Then Romain does reciprocate the flirting and so forth. You'll have to watch where this eventually goes in his flashback but it seems it wasn't a Tong/Nathan ending ala Lihim Ni Antonio.

Sebastien/Zack is living his life in Paris when Romain calls and says he's starting a new life in Paris and wants to visit Sebastien/Zack. They meet up and ambiguously the story ends.

The concept is interesting but the sudden ending before the story is finished makes you wonder if the movie is one of those French films where the joke is on the audience. But it's not as bad as the last film I just reviewed so it wouldn't hurt to watch it. Maybe it needs a new set of eyes to figure out how to finish it. Maybe the point is for the audience to figure out what the ending ought to be?

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